PrintWelcome to the temporary site for The Institute for Human and Planetary Flourishing, often referred to as IHPF.

We encourage the expansion of knowledge and exploration of ideas and practices for whole body and whole planet health.

Our Programs
Our work is based in the exploration of best practices for human and planetary wellness, including but not limited to three primary areas:

  • Holistic Wellness, including whole food nutrition and Self-Care strategies
  • Sustainable, restorative food and farming, both in the US and around the globe
  • Research on healing success through diet and lifestyle changes

We engage with the Endicott College community, both staff and students, to expand experiences and ideas in sustainable enterprises. We believe that our footprint on this earth is important, that we inform our community on how to live to encourage that our bodies and our planet thrive.

Using nutrition as a foundation, we explore what we put into our bodies and how that may effect humanity and the earth. Indeed, we believe that what is good for our bodies is necessarily good for the earth. Life is a symbiotic relationship with the world that surrounds us. Through simple nutrition basics, we help students and faculty alike source real foods, and serve as a resource and support for those who wish to dive deeper into the subject through hands on experience and research.

Through the exploration of farming practices, we examine the local and global impact of farming, both large and small scale. We’ll explore options for global food production and discuss the pros and cons, encouraging students to think in solution-oriented avenues.

We evaluate stress and its physical interpretations and ways to manage times of stress and strategies for moving through those periods of life with relative ease. Through alternative therapies not commonly explored in academic settings, we’ll expose students to many options such as Healing Touch, TRE, Heartfulness Meditation, Zero Balancing, Aesthetic Awareness, and others.

As a resource for the Endicott Community, we are available to speak at events, in classes, host seminars and film viewing events, and provide further enrichment to college programs.

Going Forward ~ A Vision for the Future

We are developing a seminar series that will expose students to a variety of avenues for human and planetary flourishing.

We envision a program to provide international opportunities for whole food, ancestrally informed nutrition including progressive and regenerative farming education. Programs will encourage students to think critically about the world as a unified whole, with an awareness of the wisdom and benefits of embracing traditional cultural practices, social and ecological justice, and collaborative toward present day solutions for both individual and planetary flourishing.

As we establish a clear model for holistic self-care, we will expand this program to other universities and colleges.

At IHPF, we will serve the needs of the student and faculty population, adjusting our work to best support and educate the wider community through a holistic-health perspective.

Our mission is to hold a space for expansion of knowledge and exploration of ideas that complement the academic and intellectual pursuits of our community.

Programs at the The Institute are open to the public and are implemented in coordination with Endicott College.